Would you describe yourself as a 'Knowledge Junkie'? We discuss this question and introduce the 10x10 Charity of the Month for August, all in this month's newsletter!

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This month, we discuss 'What, When, Why and How' to place a trade. The Wayside Chapel is also introduced as our 10X10 Charity of the Month. Read all about it here!

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In the June newsletter, we talk about our 10x10 Charity of the Month 'Buy A Bale'. We also give a rundown of the new technology that we are using at Trading Pursuits to improve your trading experience. Check it out!

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In this month's newsletter, Julie Ann Cairns discusses how money CAN make you happy in 6 easy steps! We also introduce our 10x10 Charity for May, Noble Endeavours.

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April has been a busy month for Trading Pursuits! In here you can find more about our 10x10 Charity for April and the events we have recently run on the Gold Coast.

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The Innovative
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June 2014 Newsletter

In the June newsletter, we talk about our 10x10 Charity...

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If the Taker is the buyer and the Writer is the seller…then...

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The Innovative Cash Flow Strategy
that's NOT Property

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